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  • MK6000 introduction
  • MK6000 introduction
  • MK6000 introduction
  • MK6000 introduction
MK6000 introductionMK6000 introductionMK6000 introductionMK6000 introduction

MK6000 introduction

  • MK6000
  • OBD
  • GPS
  • Product description: MK6000 is a self-developed by Shenzhen Thinkrace technology co., LTD, use for gathering vehicle ECU relevant data through OBD interface, and integrated GPS, upload the data via the GSM network servers

1.      Each product has a unique ID number when production, which can identify including product model, the production date and batch.

2.      Automatic identify vehicle diagnostic protocol, support most of the models vehicle on the market. For models that do not support OBDII we can has very good support.

3.      The device adopts pure binary protocol, network data than general of OBD products on the market to save more than 60%. Better cost savings for customers.

4.      GPS/OBD upload data in real time, free to upload configuration time interval, are also free to configure the GPS with OBD data transmission, also can separate transmission. Achive playback and OBD GPS data real-time display.

5.      Ignition and flameout report, device ignition or flameout each time, device will upload the report to the server.

6.      Wake up and sleep reports, device wake up or hibernation each time, device will upload the report to the server. And the way of awakening (level voltage jump, vibration, phone/SMS, RTC time wake up, power wake up) on the report to the server.

7.      Device has equipped RTC real-time clock, once device get the right time (GPS location or network access) one time, the device will be initialized the internal real time clock, as long as the device does not pull out, equipment  time always accurate at any time.

8.      Device can save as many as 14000 of the data, ensure that device will not lose data even a long time offline.

9.      Alarm function, device provide a dozen of alarms (speeding, fatigue, lacks electric power, charging circuit anomalies, engine anomalies, cooling fluid temperature is too high, coolant temperature is too low, maintenance reminder, throttle cleaning reminds, vibration alarm, sharp turn, sharp accelerate, snap deceleration, rapid change lanes, and hurry refueling, idling a long time).

10.   Support remote OTA, K wire, serial port upgrade

11.   Support backup battery

12.   The function of vehicle detection, device provide vehicle detect function, device will detect the car of every systems automatically, and report the car health status to the car platform.  Suggest use this function when idle.

13.   SMS support.  Device support SMS check position and SMS configuration, message receiving alarm etc. Need to binding device and owner mobile phone number together.

14.   The device support LBS and AGPS

15.   Driving behavior and fuel consumption analysis. Every time after flameout, device will upload a route data package, for clients do fuel consumption and driving behavior analysis. The route data package is mainly provide the following information: the ignition time, flameout time, the mileage (accurate to m), the fuel consumption (accurate to ml), the highest speed, the highest engine speed, the highest temperature, number of urgent acceleration, deceleration, turn, over-speed, rapid lane changing, hurry refuel, over speed/high/medium/low speed/idle and speed/high/medium/low mileage, and over speed/high/medium/low speed/idle speed fuel consumption.

16.   Device not only provide the total driving data query function, judging owner driving habits and behavior but also can judge car's fuel consumption under different speed from those long term data, help owners save fuel effectively.

17.   Product support most of the vehicles OBDII protocol, for the few cars does not support OBDII protocol, device can judge ignition or flameout from the battery voltage and speed of GPS , calculate single trip fuel consumption through setting background the vehicle average fuel consumption, make the product really match 99% models.


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